Stuck on De Souza

If there’s one thing the wild men in my family (Malbon side of course) can get right, it’s picking a mate. I’m surrounded by beautiful, inspiring women; all of whom nurture a particular creative instinct. One of these women is Paola De Souza, the wife of my cousin Michael. We plain Virginia folk call her “P”. She’s a make up artist and develops looks for Diane Von Furstenburg, Ace & Jig, and Frank 151 Magazine, to name a few. P ventured from Buenos Aires to Manhattan after hearing great things from her brother, Victor. He is a self-made fashion designer who lives for his craft. I was beyond impressed to see his latest show unfold at Fashion Week:

Are. You. Serious.

Victor De Souza show at the Bowery Hotel. These are P’s photos taken from front row.

Looks from back stage & the runway

The structure of these pieces: impeccable. The ingenuity: divine. As P said herself – what beautiful, feminine silhouettes! Hear about Victor’s concept and get a peek back stage:

Behind every strong individual, there is a family. Whether it be the one you were given, or the one you have made yourself, you are only as resilient as your safety net. This brother & sister duo have nested far away from home in order to pursue creative endeavors. They support each other endlessly and possess a lovely sense of gratitude for all the good that has come their way.

Meet P, Her & Michael’s daughters: Kyla and Avery (Precious!), and once again – Victor.


Here’s to family, hopes, and hard work.

Happy Monday Y’all. Let’s start it up.




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