My Darlings,

This blog was born out of the notion that I could share all the wonderful little bits of inspiration swimming around my head from day to day.  I have painted, doodled, photographed, jotted . . .hopped, skipped, jumped, danced . . .spun around and pranced . . . basked, asked, traveled and tasted . . . Just like most of you!!  We simply love doing what we do!

I strive to bring my Serendipping readers original content from personal experiences.  If a picture is not given recognition – it’s merely because it is my own.  No professional here, but I do love a good ol’ point & shoot.

Please let me know if I have goofed up and not linked properly!! It’s very important to me to give credit where credit is due.  Because for me – this rings true: do unto others as you would have them do unto you <3  

Thank you for visiting.


Help me blog WELL!


3 thoughts on “Details

  1. Lee just shared your blog with me…..ummmm…..LOVE!!! I am completely entertained and I can’t wait for MORE! Miss you!

  2. Hi Lauren–I live in Denver (Centennial, actually), so the Highlands house on Houzz caught my eye. Do you do design or do you know any designers you would recommend in the Denver area?

    • Heather, Hello!

      I truly apologize for the delay, I haven’t been checking this blog as I’m in mid-launch of a new one ;-) I know some very talented people that can help you! Please reach out to me at Even if you’re mid-way through the design process there’s always artwork and finishing touches to tend to! Take care.

      Lauren Mikus

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