In 2012: Get a Spray Tan

The time has come, or rather – is quite over due, for that New Year’s “Hoo Ha” everyone is writing about.

^”Hoo ha”, in my sixty something-year-old coworker’s vocabulary, is a very generalized term for “mess” or “confusion.”  I figure I like his definition significantly better than the alternative.  You can imagine that I delight in a particularly amusing workplace.

Instead of racking my brain for my PERFECT 2012 resolution … this year I decided to take notes from a trusty, favored source:  my best Auburn girlfriends.   They put the slam dunk in my dunk-a-roos snack pack.  I can’t get enough of them.  Truly.

Mad Men Bridal Shower + Photo Booth? Why Not!

Some have travel destinations to conquer, another has a whole new career objective complete with a move to our capitol, and there are a few blissful weddings around the corner.  Basically, the news is that big things are going on.

And in the midst of all the excitement, we also cope with the sadness attributed to an unexpected departure of someone close-by.  In July, we lost Elizabeth’s mother, Peggy Davis.   She was an incredibly kind, loving, and wise woman who is dearly missed by her two daughters and husband of 34 years.

Here’s our Girl:

(I Know Her^!!)

Eliz and her mom had a rare connection.  It seemed as though Mrs. Davis had mastered the perfect balance between offering the guidance that can only comes from a great mother, along with the companionship that comes from your very best friend.  They just adored each other and Eliz always reached out to her mom first for insight when things went astray.

Peggy taught Elizabeth a lot of quirky & fun lessons that we passed around… such as, “Get a spray tan!  You’ll look awesome!  Better than you look usually.”  And she had this way of making the usual routine original.  For example, when the girls were little she would have them leave the kitchen in the mornings while she made their school lunches.  The idea was that she was sprinkling “fairy dust” on their sandwiches.  Insurance that the girls came home with empty lunch boxes every day = Ingenious!  And she called everyone “Angel.”  How’s that for a self-esteem booster?

Remembering Peggy's Smile

I figure if anyone has had some time to reflect over the past year, it’s Elizabeth, and I was anxious to see what this coming year looks like through her eyes.  The answer is: it appears very simple.

She told me, “Stuff … things …they just aren’t important.”  So – de-cluttering is naturally on the agenda.  Quality hang-out time without a thing on the agenda, is on the agenda.  Saying “I do” is on the agenda!  And we bridesmaids don’t even have to wear matching dresses ;-)  Unjustified stress seems to be out of the picture for this girl.  As a conscious decision obviously, because that’s a toughie!  “Good relationships are all you need at the end of the day.” – She reminded me.

Food for Thought

In summary:  Take care of yourself.  Take care of your loved ones.  Keep your eyes on the bare necessities and practice gratitude daily for life’s double-dipped moments.

Happy Belated New Year everyone.  It’s bound to be pretty fantastic if we’re open to making the best of the chance happenings.

Good Things



This whole blogosphere deal was introduced to me when I became partial to the spectacular domain of Design*Sponge.  It’s the first blog I remember truly “following”.  A co-worker shared with me that she’ll be in Denver on Wednesday night for a Book Signing at West Elm.  Why not?  I work two blocks away.

Love this lil sketch'

I was browsing through the tour dates, and ah ha! A signing back home to recommend to friends.  Norfolk neighbors my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.

Mermaid Madness around there, who knows?

Mermaids everywhere . . .

Listen to what Grace had to say about the choice of this location,

“To say that I’m excited to do a book tour event in Norfolk, Virginia is a massive understatement. Ever since I started the blog I’ve been wanting to put something together in my hometown area (I grew up in Virginia Beach just down the highway). . .This is going to be a special event because my whole family will be there, so I hope you can make it if you’re in the area this November.

AHHHH!!!! ok, so I just freaked out a little bit!  Your family and the atmosphere of your hometown (in my opinion) have everything to with your perspective and the creative energy you spread, so it was fun to see a common thread between this wonder-woman and silly little me.  Take a glimpse into the confetti-like explosion of Design Sponge’s success > blog turned book:

Helps me to keep the faith.  And a little taste of home, just because:

Thanksgiving - stop tempting me!!!

. . . Today I’m arranging flowers for Philip’s ART SHOW!  I always resort back to Studio Choo for inspiration, the brains behind former column “We Like It Wild” on Design Sponge.  Although the column is no more, they are still in FULL SWING out in San Fran, and have a fantastic blog of their own.  They were recently in Colorado!  Read about the Aspens, I’m telling you – they have special powers over you. Ha! Anways, Look at these gorgeous creations!

They are Perfect.

I picked up this hobby from my Aunt Cathy and my mom.  So thankful to be surrounded by such talent!

Look at those beauties in the corner! Flowers by Studio Choo <3

As the Avett Brother’s said, “Decide what be, and go be it.”  Today I’m a florist slash event planner.  What about you?  It’s only 1 o’clock Mountain time.




“There are easier ways, but artists rarely choose them.” – Anna Johnson

A while ago, in a far away land of sweet tea and oak trees, I made the unconventional decision to move all the way to Denver with no set plan. I’m talking zero contacts. . . aka zero guarantees.  It was a choice that defied every ambitious bone in my body.  One that opened the door to uncertainty and invited a house full of loud, impatient guests in.

My free time is certainly FREE, as the piggy bank dwindles while I receive the mixed messages from potential employers: no, maybe, not now, ok, come back later, and now we changed our mind – yes.  When you finally get the answer you’re looking for it just so happens that you’re preoccupied buttering toast in a man’s collared shirt.  Working in a steamy kitchen of the bustling local breakfast joint is exactly what it sounds like – tiring.  This is when you start thinking, “Can’t somebody just realize that I’m fabulous – at my convenience – and use my time accordingly!?” ;-)

Such frustration necessitates a little pick me up here and there.  One of mine is the colorfully illustrated book “Savvy Chic: The Art of More for Less” by Anna Johnson.  Reading her tid-bits on living modestly with fun and flair remind me of that girl I was with allowance and flashy spring break vacations, yet gives me a new perspective – I can show “her” up, on a dime!

Read Savvy Chic!

As we come into the Spring season, I wanted to share a note of hers on fashion, “I buy one dress with a strong graphic print in a monochrome palette, and I wear it with a bright red, lemon yellow, or green shoe.  No other accessories (spare a neutral bag).  If you wear an eye popping dress it, it conveys a high level of social and professional confidence.”

My spoonful for the season would taste like this:  a Unas 4 Tunic by Marimekko!  There it is, top left corner ^ !!!

In summary, I’d like to admit that change is hard.  My move out west has stumped, challenged, and certainly got the best of me from time to time; but it has also given me a view of the rockies that I can’t resist.  And a surplus of Vitamin D!  I’m letting the serendipitous moments in – embarking on a chic, new career path (this Thursday!), meeting wonderful people, and just simply taking it one day at a time.  So keep the faith when things aren’t working out the way you’d like them to.

With a bit of positive energy and a pocket full of ingenuity, the puzzle pieces are bound to start fitting together.  “There are easier ways, but artists rarely choose them.”