School nights & robe mornings

Sometimes work is boring.  Sometimes it isn’t:

Serendippers Anonymous

These images were compiled from a mid-week jaunt at Denver’s most historic hotel, for a newly acquired position of mine.  It started off with valet service, a plush robe, and Steve Miller Band’s Space Cowboy.  It ended in a similar fashion.  Staycation success.

Watch my portfolio grow! (a, b, c).  This position is elective, i.e. no-dough-yet.  But for starters, I’ve seen this ^ (!) As I explore new corners and facets of Denver, accompanied by new faces, I feel good things happening.  I’ve learned the hard way that my gut instinct rarely fails me, so I’m rolling with it.  With art, there is always some sacrifice.

Curse it as we might – sacrifice hones our skill set.  It forces us to trim the fat.  We produce sound work when challenged to our breaking point – almost accepting defeat, and then moving past it.  At some point I’ll be able to stop sacrificing as much and just perform, no holds barred.  For now though, I know I’m not quite there yet.  And that’s ok.

Cheers to the process friends.  Keep doing what you’re doing.  Acknowledge the flaws and weaknesses, and then improvise. Improve.

– L


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