The Rebel

This Christmas I recieved the lovely Canon Rebel T3.  Long story short:  I’m a fan.  Although I’m no pro, I really enjoy being behind the camera.  It was time for the Rebel to take a transatlantic field trip.  Off to Ireland and Sweden we went!  Here are some shots from an adventure outside of Gothenburg, my favorite Swedish city:

The Sun & Sea combo… I’ll take it every time.

“Fribad” means “free bathing” and that you’re welcome to swim.  I didn’t partake that day, but I certainly felt free.  Travel is an art.  It’s about taking care of yourself.  It’s about being honest about your intentions.  It’s about removing yourself from the routine so you can reflect on whether or not you’re on course.  There is a fine line between the pursuit of adventure and over extending yourself.  Thankfully, this trip was well balanced and filled with good friends, new and old.  I’d say it was perfection!

Somewhere between the Irish smiles to Swedish sun rays, the refresh button was pushed.  I spent time in Dublin, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and one night in Lund for the Swedish holiday of Midsommar.  Suitcase real estate necessitated a few hard choices, and I had to forgo my iPod doc (my friends tease me mercilessly for my attachment to the thing).  Therefore, I listened to tunes on Spotify via my laptop instead.   When in Stockholm.  Here are my top 5 favorite discoveries:

  • Ritual Union by Little Dragon
  • Limit To Your Love by James Blake (Feist cover.  Amaze.)
  • Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Everything Goes My Way by Metronomy  (Enchante Remix is good too.)
  • Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem

Hopefully you’ll find them enjoyable too.  I’d like to encourage my readers to find The Rebel inside and get out of town!  It doesn’t matter whether you get on the interstate or on a random standby flight to Dublin:  opportunities are boundless regardless of distance.

Much love and happy to be back on Serendipping,

P.s.  Stephen Colbert, move over!  I’m taking the spot for #artificialswedener.


Summer Camp

It’s rare that I take the time to sit still and read a book.  Ironic, seeing as Lindsey Iverson and I just started the Paper Plate Book Club. When I have an aspiration, such as becoming a paper page aficionado, I have … Continue reading

Milk & Honey

Pardon my absence darlings.  I’ve been roaming around … a little bit of a fancy free hiatus if you will.  I wanted to take a moment to speak about friendships.  The other day while I was at the salon brightening up my locks, glued to Vanity Fair’s article on Julia Roberts, I found a tid-bit of lovely insight!  

For one, I noticed that Roberts is one for Serendipping herself!  The article featured a conversation between Roberts and Mike Nichols, acclaimed director and dear friend she has worked with many times over the years.  (i.e. 2004 / Closer / Game-Changer!).  Here’s a note on Nichol’s success, and their views on the way life simply surprises you:

V.F.:Virginia Woolf and The Graduate put you on the map, big-time! [The former was nominated in every eligible category and won five Academy Awards, including Elizabeth Taylor’s second Oscar for best actress.]

MIKE: Where is anything but luck in that? I was lucky that Ross Hunter revealed himself to me in our very first exchange. And I was lucky that I got to meet Elizabeth.

JULIA: It’s so funny; people have really strong opinions about luck.

MIKE: I can’t speak for anybody else, but I do believe in luck …

JULIA: I do, too—luck and good friends, just believing in all the little daily things that sometimes go unobserved. They all add up to that moment of being right where you’re supposed to be.

How wonderful.  More recent(-ish!) moments with my good friends – new and old:

Good Friends + Good Perspective

Secondly, I couldn’t help but re-prioritize my goals regarding my personal relationships.  So many times I find myself making an immense amount of effort to physically be with the ones I love.  Plane rides to and fro, lots and lots of phone calls, face-time, skype dates and MP3 swap seshes ;-) But this  quote of Roberts puts everything into perspective.  Quality verses quantity.  Obviously these two working professionals don’t see each other on a regular basis.  However, Nichols has managed to have such a profound effect on Roberts solely because of these defining characteristics.

Sure, I’ve always tried to be plainspoken and encouraging.  But we’re always evolving and I can be better.  I want to be better.

Being described like this by a loved one: milk and honey.

Happy Monday Y’all.


DUI: Designing Under the Influence

Excitement on the rocks.  Tipsy with anticipation.  This buzz makes for a fun design process!  Keep the Adobe CS5’s coming, thanks!  Lately I’ve been dubbed the invite girl.  I do love to endorse a fabulous gathering, however I’m always slightly intimidated at first. Once I overcome that part it’s great to see a concept materialize in a way that complements the personality of the honoree.  Knocked this baby out the other day with a huge grin… I get to see my dearest friends in just a couple of weeks!

No crashing! ;-)

My darling Lindsay is smart, sleek, and bubbly …with the brightest smile known to man.  The green used in the background speaks to the tone our assorted bridesmaids dresses.  Also incorporated my cousin Lee’s textile design with the damask graphic.  Love it when an idea of hers sparks one of mine!

Lindsay & Casey’s Southern wedding is going to be one of casual sophistication.  A long weekend retreat in a cabin or two by the water.  I mean, who wants stuffy on Cinco de Mayo!?  Or ever… ick.

Warm weather and wedding season are approaching!  This is gettin’ good!  Happy Wednesday, hope you’re buzzing.



Stuck on De Souza

If there’s one thing the wild men in my family (Malbon side of course) can get right, it’s picking a mate. I’m surrounded by beautiful, inspiring women; all of whom nurture a particular creative instinct. One of these women is Paola De Souza, the wife of my cousin Michael. We plain Virginia folk call her “P”. She’s a make up artist and develops looks for Diane Von Furstenburg, Ace & Jig, and Frank 151 Magazine, to name a few. P ventured from Buenos Aires to Manhattan after hearing great things from her brother, Victor. He is a self-made fashion designer who lives for his craft. I was beyond impressed to see his latest show unfold at Fashion Week:

Are. You. Serious.

Victor De Souza show at the Bowery Hotel. These are P’s photos taken from front row.

Looks from back stage & the runway

The structure of these pieces: impeccable. The ingenuity: divine. As P said herself – what beautiful, feminine silhouettes! Hear about Victor’s concept and get a peek back stage:

Behind every strong individual, there is a family. Whether it be the one you were given, or the one you have made yourself, you are only as resilient as your safety net. This brother & sister duo have nested far away from home in order to pursue creative endeavors. They support each other endlessly and possess a lovely sense of gratitude for all the good that has come their way.

Meet P, Her & Michael’s daughters: Kyla and Avery (Precious!), and once again – Victor.


Here’s to family, hopes, and hard work.

Happy Monday Y’all. Let’s start it up.



First Friday – Where will you be?

A good friend, and talented artist, is having his big debut here in town at Rooster & Moon. Meet Philip Chavez!

Strategizing in Boulder on the rio rooftop. Margs help the creative process.

Portraiture is the name of his game. He captures a dynamic angle of a beautiful figure and then fuses architectural elements into the composition. This piece was created a few years ago and lives in his master bedroom. Just a little sample of what you have to look forward to!

Absolutely dreamy.

I happily accepted the offer to create the graphics for the event.  He gave me direction, and this is what materialized. Voila. . . the event postcard:

First Friday!

And a business card, why not?  This was my first swing at a custom card. A vertical 2 x 3.5″ thanks to Yellow Dog Printing here in Denver:

Thanks Yellow Dog!

Westword Newspaper named Rooster & Moon the Best New Coffeehouse for 2011. It’s a great spot, we frequent it too often. Definitely opt for the MexiCali flat if you go for breakfast. So, come one, come all for some fresh artwork, delicious eats, lovely mingling and then obviously. . . a night out on the town. We can’t wait to see you there!

Fashion Week Friday!!!

Congratulations to ACE & JIG!!!

Struttin' those Stripes

Happening Tonight!  Ace & Jig is a ready-to-wear label that is fun, fresh, and absolutely playful :-)

From VB > NYC

Cary has been a long time family friend.  We’ve loved her style since the 90’s ;-) Innately talented, and beautiful from the inside out – this one.  Love that this company is a joint venture with a pal.  It’s gutsy to go out on your own!!! Serendipping loves gumption.  View some of their signature looks:

From city streets to vacation hideaways, these looks are so transitional

GEN ART. Tonight! Grand Ballroom!

Want slash need the look in the bottom right. K?

Ace & Jighas been recognized by Thread NY on NBC New York, Nylon Blog, Elle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Lucky . . . to name a few.  Just shows it pays off to do what you love.  Check out this fantastic shoot with teen vogue:

Those shorts, ah. maz. ing.

Very proud of the girls.  Know tonight will go oh-so-well!!!



Little Big Things

Went to a housewarming party on Saturday that was utterly flawless. So much attention to detail, yet ultra comfortable atmosphere. While treating myself to a spoonful of Tequila Lime Basil Sorbet, I thought to myself, “this is a perfect night.” It’s about the little things. Here are some personal photographs of just that notion! The tiniest instance that brings a smile to your face can result in a pretty sublime experience. Now we’re talking big.

Please share with me some of the “little things” that entice you to double dip! Hope that you’re off to a great week.



My dear friend and college roommate, BANKS (i.e. Amanda), IS ENGAGED!!!  Congratulations to one of the loveliest and talented people I know.  Her fiance, Johnathan, swept her off her feet during her design internship in DC last summer ;-)  Here’s a little tribute to the excessive amount of fun we had in school:

Just a lil' reminiscin'

From impromptu MGMT dance parties, long dinners with at the house, boche ball in the back yard, walks in kiesel, beach trips, studio seshes, arts & crafts days, costume shenanigans, and just general roomie hangouts > I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Banks.  SO THANKS!!!! xo.  I’m very happy for you.

Flower Child

Bonjour :-)  Press on the picture & Watch me stop & smell the roses ranculuses.  Wasn’t the color perfect!?  That headband is from Target.  Go getchuuuu’ one, girl.  And this little trick is one of many I picked up from dazzling duo behind BLOGSHOP, Bri Emery and Angela Kohler :

Please be sure to CLICK!!  It’s a link to Bri’s post on DESIGN LOVE FEST & Angela’s video.  Much more to recap about my weekend LA, but in the meantime . . . I want to share some more fun notes on scents ;-)  These posts are about to get legit. . . so get ready!  Huge lapses in time & bad layouts: SPOOK!  Get on outta herr’yaaaa (< that would be a family & close friend reference.)

Happy Thursday Morning,