DUI: Designing Under the Influence

Excitement on the rocks.  Tipsy with anticipation.  This buzz makes for a fun design process!  Keep the Adobe CS5’s coming, thanks!  Lately I’ve been dubbed the invite girl.  I do love to endorse a fabulous gathering, however I’m always slightly intimidated at first. Once I overcome that part it’s great to see a concept materialize in a way that complements the personality of the honoree.  Knocked this baby out the other day with a huge grin… I get to see my dearest friends in just a couple of weeks!

No crashing! ;-)

My darling Lindsay is smart, sleek, and bubbly …with the brightest smile known to man.  The green used in the background speaks to the tone our assorted bridesmaids dresses.  Also incorporated my cousin Lee’s textile design with the damask graphic.  Love it when an idea of hers sparks one of mine!

Lindsay & Casey’s Southern wedding is going to be one of casual sophistication.  A long weekend retreat in a cabin or two by the water.  I mean, who wants stuffy on Cinco de Mayo!?  Or ever… ick.

Warm weather and wedding season are approaching!  This is gettin’ good!  Happy Wednesday, hope you’re buzzing.




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