Flower Heads

Floral anything is in, and thankfully so,  as it’s pretty standard to find me in some kind of floral frenzy (view my latest arrangements here).  Hold them, wear them, spray them, drink them, and my new favorite – crown them on your head:


I wrote about Midsommar in my last post, but I didn’t do it any justice.  Here are a few more photos… Oh, and have I told you I love instagram?

That was nice.

So – here are some favorites of mine in the world of floral trending:

Options are endless…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Floralize.

– L



November!? Already? These snapshots from my phone tell all . . . or most ;-) Things have been moving fast and I’m around the corner from my first year anniversary with lovely Colorado! I’ve realized that this state is anything but square. Between the music festivals, bike-tastic bliss, local brews, yellow aspens & flowing rivers, you simply start feeling the lightness. Blame it on the altitude, but people here just let loose. Maybe that explains the unkempt hair lately… slightly out of control. Lots of work, lots of play – wouldn’t have it any other way:

Inspiration & Execution

Inspiration & Execution

Progress is being made! And Instagram just makes it look better.

Divertido. Necessito.

Also figured these shots would be a way to pass along some local highlights for another Auburn newcomer (what great news I received tonight!):

1. Linger, it’s a win-win: outdoor (roof top) & indoor (light bright!) bar

2. Tour de Fat, Fat Tire’s festival promoting, you guessed it, bike rides!

3. Botanical Gardens adjacent to one of my favorites, Cheesman Park

4. Margs at Armida’s, which turns into Karaoke at Armida’s. . .

5. Finding your neighborhood coffee shop (<3 St. Marks)

6. Shopping on Pearl St. in Boulder (gifted those bird prints above . . .need the Picasso quote tray next)

7. Warwick Rooftop Pool

BUT regardless of where you are, I wanted to leave you with this:

Hope you’re week is going well. For you locals, FIRST FRIDAY in two :-) Hope to see you at Chavez: An Art Show!