Libations 101: La Bella Donna, vol. 1

Lauren:  And so it was.  Two girls met mid-morning at a coffee shop.  They talked blogs, travel (Halley had just returned from Italy), neighborhoods, backgrounds.  They went to lunch.  They talked love lives, jobs, plans.  Now after many dinner parties … Continue reading

Summer Camp

It’s rare that I take the time to sit still and read a book.  Ironic, seeing as Lindsey Iverson and I just started the Paper Plate Book Club. When I have an aspiration, such as becoming a paper page aficionado, I have … Continue reading

Every Blog Has Its Day

There are endless amounts of blogs out there.  But for to those of you who have come to know and love this one:  today is a special day.

Serendipping turned 1 !!!

Thanks Oh, Happy Day. The proof is in the pudding.

Happy Birthday to:

  • A new found (and mostly productive) hobby
  • My big crush on Colorado (sparks flew once I had a place to stop, reflect, and realize how damn good I had it!)
  • A friend-maker (I don’t have a dog to walk, you know?)
  • A style-shaker … things are bound to spice on up when you’re looking at Pinterest for content all the time
  • A travel pal — Santorini is better shared
  • A day brightener 
Every time a post publishes, one of you Serendippers  encourages me by
shooting me a text, dropping a comment, or giving me a “like” on the good ol’ FB.  This is my chance to say THANK YOU.
I’m so appreciative for the chance to connect with each and every one of you.  Whether it’s a conscious bond or not, we’re both better off – and I’m simply in love with that notion!  Double Dipping doesn’t always come easy.  We have to account for the fact that some really blissful moments do pass us by.  We’re busy people, driven people, hoping for the next-big-moment kind of people.  And who can blame us?  That’s life.  I mean, it’s 6:15 pm and I’m just getting around to drafting this post.
Serendipping has been an outlet for SLOWING DOWN and BUCKING UP.  Documenting life so closely definitely causes some introspection.  Furthermore, this blog has helped me stay positive when I just was. not. feelin’. it.  If you’re going to air your laundry, might as well wear cute panties!
But most importantly, please know that your kind words have made all the difference.  Good things are happening.  For you, for me, for us. To many more serendipitous happenings!
It’s a beautiful evening! Wine and Dine lovers.  Try this budget-savvy Red I’ve been loving  (Found in sketch liquor stores all over America!)
Talk soon –

Milk & Honey

Pardon my absence darlings.  I’ve been roaming around … a little bit of a fancy free hiatus if you will.  I wanted to take a moment to speak about friendships.  The other day while I was at the salon brightening up my locks, glued to Vanity Fair’s article on Julia Roberts, I found a tid-bit of lovely insight!  

For one, I noticed that Roberts is one for Serendipping herself!  The article featured a conversation between Roberts and Mike Nichols, acclaimed director and dear friend she has worked with many times over the years.  (i.e. 2004 / Closer / Game-Changer!).  Here’s a note on Nichol’s success, and their views on the way life simply surprises you:

V.F.:Virginia Woolf and The Graduate put you on the map, big-time! [The former was nominated in every eligible category and won five Academy Awards, including Elizabeth Taylor’s second Oscar for best actress.]

MIKE: Where is anything but luck in that? I was lucky that Ross Hunter revealed himself to me in our very first exchange. And I was lucky that I got to meet Elizabeth.

JULIA: It’s so funny; people have really strong opinions about luck.

MIKE: I can’t speak for anybody else, but I do believe in luck …

JULIA: I do, too—luck and good friends, just believing in all the little daily things that sometimes go unobserved. They all add up to that moment of being right where you’re supposed to be.

How wonderful.  More recent(-ish!) moments with my good friends – new and old:

Good Friends + Good Perspective

Secondly, I couldn’t help but re-prioritize my goals regarding my personal relationships.  So many times I find myself making an immense amount of effort to physically be with the ones I love.  Plane rides to and fro, lots and lots of phone calls, face-time, skype dates and MP3 swap seshes ;-) But this  quote of Roberts puts everything into perspective.  Quality verses quantity.  Obviously these two working professionals don’t see each other on a regular basis.  However, Nichols has managed to have such a profound effect on Roberts solely because of these defining characteristics.

Sure, I’ve always tried to be plainspoken and encouraging.  But we’re always evolving and I can be better.  I want to be better.

Being described like this by a loved one: milk and honey.

Happy Monday Y’all.



My dear friend and college roommate, BANKS (i.e. Amanda), IS ENGAGED!!!  Congratulations to one of the loveliest and talented people I know.  Her fiance, Johnathan, swept her off her feet during her design internship in DC last summer ;-)  Here’s a little tribute to the excessive amount of fun we had in school:

Just a lil' reminiscin'

From impromptu MGMT dance parties, long dinners with at the house, boche ball in the back yard, walks in kiesel, beach trips, studio seshes, arts & crafts days, costume shenanigans, and just general roomie hangouts > I couldn’t have asked for a more perfect Banks.  SO THANKS!!!! xo.  I’m very happy for you.