We went hiking.

Avon, CO. Elongating my stay/ Impromptu hike (jean shorts). Swedes + me. Beaver Creek. Ski lift swingin’. Hidden trails. Roaming. Wild raspberries. Beaver lake. Four and a half hours. Sore calfs. Bliss.

Go outside.


Every Blog Has Its Day

There are endless amounts of blogs out there.  But for to those of you who have come to know and love this one:  today is a special day.

Serendipping turned 1 !!!

Thanks Oh, Happy Day. The proof is in the pudding.

Happy Birthday to:

  • A new found (and mostly productive) hobby
  • My big crush on Colorado (sparks flew once I had a place to stop, reflect, and realize how damn good I had it!)
  • A friend-maker (I don’t have a dog to walk, you know?)
  • A style-shaker … things are bound to spice on up when you’re looking at Pinterest for content all the time
  • A travel pal — Santorini is better shared
  • A day brightener 
Every time a post publishes, one of you Serendippers  encourages me by
shooting me a text, dropping a comment, or giving me a “like” on the good ol’ FB.  This is my chance to say THANK YOU.
I’m so appreciative for the chance to connect with each and every one of you.  Whether it’s a conscious bond or not, we’re both better off – and I’m simply in love with that notion!  Double Dipping doesn’t always come easy.  We have to account for the fact that some really blissful moments do pass us by.  We’re busy people, driven people, hoping for the next-big-moment kind of people.  And who can blame us?  That’s life.  I mean, it’s 6:15 pm and I’m just getting around to drafting this post.
Serendipping has been an outlet for SLOWING DOWN and BUCKING UP.  Documenting life so closely definitely causes some introspection.  Furthermore, this blog has helped me stay positive when I just was. not. feelin’. it.  If you’re going to air your laundry, might as well wear cute panties!
But most importantly, please know that your kind words have made all the difference.  Good things are happening.  For you, for me, for us. To many more serendipitous happenings!
It’s a beautiful evening! Wine and Dine lovers.  Try this budget-savvy Red I’ve been loving  (Found in sketch liquor stores all over America!)
Talk soon –

Olfactory Indulgences

Who knew a scent could transport me, almost instantly, four years backwards?  With my feet on the ground (in work shoes nonetheless), my mind was drifting through all the deep, mediterranean-blue memories.  I was right here, with freckles on my shoulders:

Delightful Dwellings

And here : Walking along the coast of Santorini.

Santorini Cliffs

And here: Basking in the Grecian rays.

Sunlit Soirees

Cord Coen, Co-Founder of Zents, understands the gravity of our sensual experiences.  His pure fragrance line originated due to a significant brain injury.  His sense of smell was lost entirely.  After immense dedication to Eastern medicine, he thankfully regained the capability to SNIFF!!  What a blessing to be able to delight once more in the defining aromas of his life.  Listen to his powerful story:

While I was working as a therapist in Boulder, I was involved in a life-changing car accident that left me with brain damage, chronic pain and many physical problems.  At a certain point my healing with physical and cognitive therapy stopped, and I was still in a very bad place.  My family and I were determined to not stay in that place for the rest of my life, and we started looking for other avenues to continue my healing.

We heard about a doctor in India and I packed my bags, moved there, and spent a year and a half in alternative therapy.  I had a year’s supply of Tibetan medicine and did my physical and cognitive rehabilitation along with 6-8 hours of yoga and meditation per day.  I received 3 massages a day as well as a good amount of energy work, and my body and brain started to heal.

Zents was born out of this healing.

I felt so lucky and grateful for my own healing that I wanted to create a treatment line that made people smile and would be part of a healing process for other people.”  (Spatrade.com)

Ooh La La!

Each scent in the Zents fragrance line is based upon a significant facet of Cord’s past.  WATER is a delightful interpretation of his time spent living in Mykonos, Greece.  It’s uncannily accurate – I’m telling you.  Just trust and SNIFF!  Definitely my favorite ;-)  The two products of choice would have to be the Concreta & the Attar.  Using the balm from the concreta  is perfect for skin, hair, cuticles, even lips!  Just go for it!  The Attar (meaning “anoint”) is so ideal for travel!  Roll away.

SUN reminds Cord of spending time with his mom in the kitchen while making dinner.  EARTH reflects his childhood spent in the Rocky Mountains.  ORE is about spending a fun night out with friends.  Basically, there is a relatable story behind each fragrance.  By overcoming the most difficult of trials, Cord was able to generate an idea that would provide comfort and rejuvenation to individuals all over the world.  Talk about resourcefulness!  Coming from someone who has dealt with serious physical impairments, I find Cord’s mission extraordinary.

He has gained recognition from locals of his home town in Boulder, CO to celebrities alike.  The Today Show, Oprah Mag, Lucky, People etc. have all noticed what he’s up to – and they’re in diggin’ it.

You, me, Beyonce. . . we got it goin' on.

Zents are meant for custom blends.  Layer the scents that bring a smile to your face and reminisce on your own stories.  Life is for living.  Smelling lovely is a fun little perk ;-)