Flower Heads

Floral anything is in, and thankfully so,  as it’s pretty standard to find me in some kind of floral frenzy (view my latest arrangements here).  Hold them, wear them, spray them, drink them, and my new favorite – crown them on your head:


I wrote about Midsommar in my last post, but I didn’t do it any justice.  Here are a few more photos… Oh, and have I told you I love instagram?

That was nice.

So – here are some favorites of mine in the world of floral trending:

Options are endless…

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6.  Floralize.

– L



Yesterday was an ultra hectic work day.  I mean sometimes . . . clients just be crazy.  By the time my lunch break rolled around all I wanted to do was take a stroll.  Picked a new route to freshen things up, and low and behold, there was a BCBG just blocks away.  I was drawn in more so by the architectural lines of the shop, as I don’t own much of the BG. Ever since my retail design assignment back in INDS (JCREW remodel set in Shibuya, Japan), I’m bound to notice these kinds of silly details.

The atmosphere was nice and bargains were abundant.  SIXTY percent girls.  Whether you’re talking music or a discount, you mention that key word and I’m in.  Had to take their “Serena” dress home with me.

Missoni-esque, ah, it was a MUST!

Definitely a summer frock, but here in Denver with all this sunshine and warm weather, one can get away with certain things!  Here are some picks that would help stretch the glam of this piece into the fall season:

Get in my closet, please.

If you’ve got a dress in a semi-neutral colorway, and it makes you want to bust a move, by all means darling – keep wearing it.  It’s important to feel good in your threads!!!  And if you want any of these yourself, click away . . .


^Most of them are super affordable, thought it best to harmonize with the thriftiness of the original find!!  Hope you’re looking forward to the weekend, and the outfits you’ll be enjoying it in!



It’s Official

The hair is going long again.  It’s time.  Ready for poolside loungin’, downtown bike rides, beach house afternoons, and maybe a lil’ trip back to LA ;-)  Got the Anthropologie Mag in the mail last week, and retreating back to my old “do” just seemed right.  So here it goes!  Wish me luck.  Props to the worker bees over in Philly putting together these beautiful ‘zines.  The power of advertising!!

HELLO Anthro!

Next – we have the frocks.  Look how fantastic these are!  How perfect would they be with my long, whispy locks (to be ;-))?  I’m a huge fan of the “Time to Shine” outfit featured on the website.  While you’re there, peruse the May ‘zine yourself!  You’ll like.

Happy Friday lover birds.