The Rebel

This Christmas I recieved the lovely Canon Rebel T3.  Long story short:  I’m a fan.  Although I’m no pro, I really enjoy being behind the camera.  It was time for the Rebel to take a transatlantic field trip.  Off to Ireland and Sweden we went!  Here are some shots from an adventure outside of Gothenburg, my favorite Swedish city:

The Sun & Sea combo… I’ll take it every time.

“Fribad” means “free bathing” and that you’re welcome to swim.  I didn’t partake that day, but I certainly felt free.  Travel is an art.  It’s about taking care of yourself.  It’s about being honest about your intentions.  It’s about removing yourself from the routine so you can reflect on whether or not you’re on course.  There is a fine line between the pursuit of adventure and over extending yourself.  Thankfully, this trip was well balanced and filled with good friends, new and old.  I’d say it was perfection!

Somewhere between the Irish smiles to Swedish sun rays, the refresh button was pushed.  I spent time in Dublin, Stockholm, Gothenburg, and one night in Lund for the Swedish holiday of Midsommar.  Suitcase real estate necessitated a few hard choices, and I had to forgo my iPod doc (my friends tease me mercilessly for my attachment to the thing).  Therefore, I listened to tunes on Spotify via my laptop instead.   When in Stockholm.  Here are my top 5 favorite discoveries:

  • Ritual Union by Little Dragon
  • Limit To Your Love by James Blake (Feist cover.  Amaze.)
  • Shuffle by Bombay Bicycle Club
  • Everything Goes My Way by Metronomy  (Enchante Remix is good too.)
  • Someone Great by LCD Soundsystem

Hopefully you’ll find them enjoyable too.  I’d like to encourage my readers to find The Rebel inside and get out of town!  It doesn’t matter whether you get on the interstate or on a random standby flight to Dublin:  opportunities are boundless regardless of distance.

Much love and happy to be back on Serendipping,

P.s.  Stephen Colbert, move over!  I’m taking the spot for #artificialswedener.


3 thoughts on “The Rebel

  1. All the aforementioned is so true. It takes a little get away to really make sure things are on track. I can’t wait to see what happens next.

  2. Enjoyed! I love seeing the pictures taken in Gothenberg, brings back warm memories when we were there with the Lundins. The area looks very similar to the beach at their summer home. When are we going on “our” next adventure. Love you sweet girl. MOM XOXOXOXO

  3. “It’s about removing yourself from the routine so you can reflect on whether or not you’re on course.” LOVE THIS! Great post Miss. Mikus.

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