Summer Camp

It’s rare that I take the time to sit still and read a book.  Ironic, seeing as Lindsey Iverson and I just started the Paper Plate Book Club.

Join us if you’re local.

When I have an aspiration, such as becoming a paper page aficionado, I have to get other people in on it.  Accountability works, people!  Lindsey and I meet with a group of local go-getters in early June to review Creative Inc.  The book provides insight about the freelance lifestyle from a multitude of professionals. One of the authors, Joy Cho, is the creator of  Oh Joy! Blog… so I knew it was a must-have.  Plane rides to and fro my friends’ wedding gave me  ample time to get the ball rolling.  Turns out I’m a book worm at heart.

Here’s a glimpse of the weekend:

Lindsay and Case’s Cinco de Mayo Wedding

If I had to describe that weekend in one word, obviously, it’d be fiesta.  But if you gave me two – I’d have to say summer camp.  The wedding party spent three nights at the lodge enjoying the river and catching up.  Everyone involved played a specific role in creating an awesome, dare I call it sublime, atmosphere.  Dads were on tree decor and lights, Case’s family was naturally on the rehearsal dinner, which was beyond delicious.  Groomsmen were in charge of music and all general muscle that was crucial for times like those, the bridal party mastered ceremony logistics, beverage detail, finishing touches, and combatted stress levels.  Finally, Linds’ mom oversaw details within details up to the moment we walked down the isle!  I had the pleasure of arranging flowers with my best friends (craft heaven!).

Basically, we just spent a lot of undisturbed, quality time together.  We sat down together for every meal.  We told stories and sipped on frozen margs.  There was a swing set over the water, which entertained us for hours on end.  For as much work as it was, I can’t think of a time where we’ve had more fun.

Coincidentally, Lauren Shields, prop stylist featured in Creative, Inc., had a similar remark about collaborative work:

Instagram-ing on the way

Get this book!  Instant motivation for $12.

She’s onto something.

Cheers to a Cinco de Mayo that can never be replicated and a group of friends that can make even a morning of trash collection fun.  In both our professional and personal lives, there is so much to be said for collaboration.  Two heads are better than one, and sombreros are better worn in pairs.  Don’t be afraid to ask for a helping hand from time to time.  You’ll be pleasantly surprised, I’m sure of it.  Couldn’t we all use a little dose of summer camp?




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