Just because.

Sing it.

Who do you want to spin you around?

I came across a marrrrvelous collection of vintage tunes at my boss’ house last weekend (reason #346 why I love my job.)  So I put on some Sinatra and remembered a beach-y summer … and a Swedish boy ;-)  I have to say, romance is certainly not dead.

While I was in Frank wonderland, one of the girls was surprised with a getaway at the Ritz:

Dunes and other lovely things.

It was spontaneous and sunny: dating at its best.  I get that it’s 2012 and the only part of the term “twitter pated” that registers with us anymore is the former, but that doesn’t mean we have to go cold.


  • If he can text you, he can treat you.
  • If he can treat you, he can take you…  I don’t like to see all this “meeting up” nonsense, what girl really likes to drive anyways?

That’s all I’m really saying here.  Life is too short for the spark-less moments.  If you aren’t inclined to double dip, why dip at all!?

Ok? ok.

Get your Sinatra on this weekend.



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