Spring Bliss

My friends are just pretty fantastic.  I’m happy for them.  And proud of them.

Amanda got married Monday.  Private lil’ ceremony <3

No fair

So I made her a little digi-note:

loving pastels

Alex was hired on and offered a great promotion @ OPX Global as a Junior Interior Designer.  They kill it – just fyi.  And she’s spectacularly beautiful – so there’s that.

Meet Alex, a.k.a. "Mom"

And as for the rest of the pack…

From Top to Bottom: Lauren, Lindsay, Emily, Laurie, Elizabeth & Michael

Then there’s me.  And life feels a little like this:

Getting snap-happy in Cairo (2010)

… So I can’t complain.

Hug your friends.  Love them up.  Dance a little bit.

Happy weekend folks.  You’ll need this.  (The show last night: amazing)




4 thoughts on “Spring Bliss

  1. Love you miker and love this post and soo glad we both ended up in a place where neither of us knew who we got there but we found each other which makes it all the more worth it!

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