In 2012: Get a Spray Tan

The time has come, or rather – is quite over due, for that New Year’s “Hoo Ha” everyone is writing about.

^”Hoo ha”, in my sixty something-year-old coworker’s vocabulary, is a very generalized term for “mess” or “confusion.”  I figure I like his definition significantly better than the alternative.  You can imagine that I delight in a particularly amusing workplace.

Instead of racking my brain for my PERFECT 2012 resolution … this year I decided to take notes from a trusty, favored source:  my best Auburn girlfriends.   They put the slam dunk in my dunk-a-roos snack pack.  I can’t get enough of them.  Truly.

Mad Men Bridal Shower + Photo Booth? Why Not!

Some have travel destinations to conquer, another has a whole new career objective complete with a move to our capitol, and there are a few blissful weddings around the corner.  Basically, the news is that big things are going on.

And in the midst of all the excitement, we also cope with the sadness attributed to an unexpected departure of someone close-by.  In July, we lost Elizabeth’s mother, Peggy Davis.   She was an incredibly kind, loving, and wise woman who is dearly missed by her two daughters and husband of 34 years.

Here’s our Girl:

(I Know Her^!!)

Eliz and her mom had a rare connection.  It seemed as though Mrs. Davis had mastered the perfect balance between offering the guidance that can only comes from a great mother, along with the companionship that comes from your very best friend.  They just adored each other and Eliz always reached out to her mom first for insight when things went astray.

Peggy taught Elizabeth a lot of quirky & fun lessons that we passed around… such as, “Get a spray tan!  You’ll look awesome!  Better than you look usually.”  And she had this way of making the usual routine original.  For example, when the girls were little she would have them leave the kitchen in the mornings while she made their school lunches.  The idea was that she was sprinkling “fairy dust” on their sandwiches.  Insurance that the girls came home with empty lunch boxes every day = Ingenious!  And she called everyone “Angel.”  How’s that for a self-esteem booster?

Remembering Peggy's Smile

I figure if anyone has had some time to reflect over the past year, it’s Elizabeth, and I was anxious to see what this coming year looks like through her eyes.  The answer is: it appears very simple.

She told me, “Stuff … things …they just aren’t important.”  So – de-cluttering is naturally on the agenda.  Quality hang-out time without a thing on the agenda, is on the agenda.  Saying “I do” is on the agenda!  And we bridesmaids don’t even have to wear matching dresses ;-)  Unjustified stress seems to be out of the picture for this girl.  As a conscious decision obviously, because that’s a toughie!  “Good relationships are all you need at the end of the day.” – She reminded me.

Food for Thought

In summary:  Take care of yourself.  Take care of your loved ones.  Keep your eyes on the bare necessities and practice gratitude daily for life’s double-dipped moments.

Happy Belated New Year everyone.  It’s bound to be pretty fantastic if we’re open to making the best of the chance happenings.

Good Things



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