Etsy Christmas Wish List!

Christmas is just around the corner!  Whether or not it’s me receiving these treasures over the holidays, they are too good to just leave hanging in the interwebs!  Check out my top ten Etsy faves and snatch ’em up.  Oh, and let me know if you need my address ;-)

By WoozWassVintage.

I mean, whoa.

By HushHushVintage.

Don’t mind if I do wear this to your holiday party.  How about this underneath the coat?

By SabrinaTach.

You make the world a better place.

By AliciaBock.

Something about this photograph has me staring in a daze.

By DolorusPetunia.

One of my very first noted sellers on Etsy, old habits die hard.

By PeggyWolfDesign.

Fear Not!  Only the original is marked as sold.  WE ALL NEED A PRINT!

By orientina.

The doormat I met in my dreams . . .

By Ramblin'Vintage.

Vintage+metallic+lace = sign me up.  Oh, and this is a local Denver seller!

By JanishJewels.

Get stoned.

By yuner.

You’re beautiful and you know it.

Here’s my Etsy shop too incase you want to gift a pretty little photograph or somethin’.  It’s in progress as we speak!

Hope you’re week is delightful.




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