When In Doubt …

Absolutely loving these prints by Anek:

Only $30 each. Do I need them? Or do I need them?

^ You’re telling me.

Not only do I melt because the graphics have a sweet imperfection about them, but because they trigger some of my fondest memories yet – those made during my study aborad experience in Italy. Dreaming back to afternoons in …

So Lovely

I can almost still taste the spaghetti alla carbonara! Days were spent at the mercy of my heightened senses. There’s so much to be said for that slower pace. My photographs and these printed messages resurface some key lessons about balance, introspection, and appreciation. Speaking of appreciation – thankfully by moving to this neck of the woods, I have stumbled upon many a folk that like to hunker down at the dinner table the way I do. It’s all happening in Boulder, Colorado. Oh how I adore this hippie-fied wonderland. Read what Bon Appétit had to say about Boulder last year:

“Boulder has won just about every shiny happy lifestyle award a city can: Healthiest, Most Educated, Most Bicycle-Friendly—the list goes on. And this year, it can add one more: Bon Appétit’s Foodiest Town in America. It turns out that, along with having fit, smart, and eco-conscious citizens, Boulder is home to a number of innovative food companies (Celestial Seasonings, Izze Beverage Company, and Bhakti Chai), several top-tier restaurants, and one of the best farmers’ markets in the country. This town of 103,000 about an hour’s drive northwest of Denver is a bellwether of a changing food culture across our land.”
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Take Dish for example. More of a daytime take-out dig, but quite irresistible nonetheless. Especially unhelpful for my wallet is the fact that I work right across the street. First I discovered the lunch menu, and then recently the breakfast sandwiches. A lil’ sammy that’s sure to start your day off right: the canales $6.50 two all natural fried eggs, ‘long farm’ pork sausage, green chili, muenster, avocado, ‘mm local’ peppers, on ciabatta.

There’s a farm to table concept going on here that hooks softies like me. I admit it – I’m hopelessly devoted.

Go Get You Some

Dish is the brain child of Brian Benham (Chef & Owner) and Carly Silberman (Catering & Business Development Manager). Listen to this little blurb about Carly I found on the website –

Le Sigh.

Some other notable spots include Pizzeria Locale, The Kitchen, Frasca, Brasserie Ten Ten, and Mateo. In my opinion, with a freshly prepared meal in front of you, a troublesome situation becomes less pressing. Conversation becomes more engaging. The night air becomes more tantalizing. The festivities ahead become more intriguing.

Nothing can ever be solved by over thinking it to death (a lesson my friends constantly try to reinforce). So take heart and pick up your fork. Anek hasn’t sold 165 prints fah’ nuthin’. Here’s what I’m saying: When in doubt, dine. And please do tell me all about it!

Happy Monday,



One thought on “When In Doubt …

  1. Probably your most enticing post yet. Smelling the carbonara right now. Desiring to bask in the culture of “Dish” and Boulder in general. Love that you’re living life beautifully!

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