Feel It All Around

It’s this kind of morning:

la teeee da. . . :-)

(Check Heather Waraksa’s photography/blog out.  Brooklyn.Based.Bonafide.Babe.)

on my own playground

With this kind of soundtrack:

(Can’t get enough of Washed Out.)

So friends,  news:

1)  The art show was fantastic.   Check out Philip’s fresh & profesh website.  The flowers were probably some of my favorite yet, so impromptu, Safeway and my humble little front yard helped me do the trick:

New Creations

Put it in a mason jar.

2)  Grace Bonney was just as down to earth and wonderful as I expected.  So glad Morgan and I made it to the book signing.

Look at lil' Tito Fuentez!

3)  Landed a little freelance editorial gig that I’m super excited about.  11-11-11 is ALL about Serendipping.  Please do me a favor and leave a comment with a serendipitous moment that comes your way in the next 24 hours.

Should I write about your Houzz?

These photos were taken on a stroll through Ravello, Italy with my momma <3


Thanks to everyone who follows me here!  Can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.


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