This whole blogosphere deal was introduced to me when I became partial to the spectacular domain of Design*Sponge.  It’s the first blog I remember truly “following”.  A co-worker shared with me that she’ll be in Denver on Wednesday night for a Book Signing at West Elm.  Why not?  I work two blocks away.

Love this lil sketch'

I was browsing through the tour dates, and ah ha! A signing back home to recommend to friends.  Norfolk neighbors my hometown of Virginia Beach, VA.

Mermaid Madness around there, who knows?

Mermaids everywhere . . .

Listen to what Grace had to say about the choice of this location,

“To say that I’m excited to do a book tour event in Norfolk, Virginia is a massive understatement. Ever since I started the blog I’ve been wanting to put something together in my hometown area (I grew up in Virginia Beach just down the highway). . .This is going to be a special event because my whole family will be there, so I hope you can make it if you’re in the area this November.

AHHHH!!!! ok, so I just freaked out a little bit!  Your family and the atmosphere of your hometown (in my opinion) have everything to with your perspective and the creative energy you spread, so it was fun to see a common thread between this wonder-woman and silly little me.  Take a glimpse into the confetti-like explosion of Design Sponge’s success > blog turned book:

Helps me to keep the faith.  And a little taste of home, just because:

Thanksgiving - stop tempting me!!!

. . . Today I’m arranging flowers for Philip’s ART SHOW!  I always resort back to Studio Choo for inspiration, the brains behind former column “We Like It Wild” on Design Sponge.  Although the column is no more, they are still in FULL SWING out in San Fran, and have a fantastic blog of their own.  They were recently in Colorado!  Read about the Aspens, I’m telling you – they have special powers over you. Ha! Anways, Look at these gorgeous creations!

They are Perfect.

I picked up this hobby from my Aunt Cathy and my mom.  So thankful to be surrounded by such talent!

Look at those beauties in the corner! Flowers by Studio Choo <3

As the Avett Brother’s said, “Decide what be, and go be it.”  Today I’m a florist slash event planner.  What about you?  It’s only 1 o’clock Mountain time.





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