Fashion Week Friday!!!

Congratulations to ACE & JIG!!!

Struttin' those Stripes

Happening Tonight!  Ace & Jig is a ready-to-wear label that is fun, fresh, and absolutely playful :-)

From VB > NYC

Cary has been a long time family friend.  We’ve loved her style since the 90’s ;-) Innately talented, and beautiful from the inside out – this one.  Love that this company is a joint venture with a pal.  It’s gutsy to go out on your own!!! Serendipping loves gumption.  View some of their signature looks:

From city streets to vacation hideaways, these looks are so transitional

GEN ART. Tonight! Grand Ballroom!

Want slash need the look in the bottom right. K?

Ace & Jighas been recognized by Thread NY on NBC New York, Nylon Blog, Elle, Glamour, Teen Vogue, Lucky . . . to name a few.  Just shows it pays off to do what you love.  Check out this fantastic shoot with teen vogue:

Those shorts, ah. maz. ing.

Very proud of the girls.  Know tonight will go oh-so-well!!!




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