Black And White

Indecision.  How often does the sneaky culprit get the best of our aspirations and general productivity?

Think of all the CHATTER that encircles the daily motions of our lives: a text, tweet, an overheard conversation in the line at the coffee shop.  News broadcasts, podcasts, feed alerts – oh MY!  Sometimes the line between pertinent information and just plain advertising blurs like paint colors on a palette. I find myself at the canvas a few times over, brushing over older strokes.

While input from trusted sources can prove to be invaluable, I’m realizing that it can be just as important to resort back to the basics and trust your instincts. Some things really are black and white.  Whether it’s time to start something new or end something familiar, GO WITH YOUR GUT.

  • Say hello
  • Wave goodbye
  • Take a bite
  • Put the spoon down
  • Put on a new dress
  • Take off your hat
  • Walk the other way
  • Run straight ahead

Do whatever you need to do, darling.  

This conclusion is made visible through photography.  Take this one from Blog Shop for example:

Courtesy of Angela + Ithyle

Simple.  Honest.  Nice.  Angela & Ithyle shot this back in May. At the time, the vibrancy of all the coral hues was the aspect of the photograph that struck me  You can view the original by scrolling down to my post “Flower Child.”  Now when I look at this image, I’m appreciating all the nuances of the moment of the capture:  Ithyle talking about the Greatful Dead radio station in my car (he had to move it to a correct spot – go figure), Angela telling me about where she went to school.  Mainly, I just identify with that blissful excitement from the weekend.

Black and white imagery encourages us to focus directly on the subject matter.  My grin says it all.  The gravity of the capture is reevaluated and appreciated. Although color can emphasize a message, the fundamental elements are the same.    Here are some more images from life’s “delish” moments, in black and white.


My move to Denver was about change and progress.  When I take a second to view my experience in black and white, I feel some clarity.  I’m excited about where things are going.  I wish the same for you!

Happy Thursday, xoxo –



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