It’s Official

The hair is going long again.  It’s time.  Ready for poolside loungin’, downtown bike rides, beach house afternoons, and maybe a lil’ trip back to LA ;-)  Got the Anthropologie Mag in the mail last week, and retreating back to my old “do” just seemed right.  So here it goes!  Wish me luck.  Props to the worker bees over in Philly putting together these beautiful ‘zines.  The power of advertising!!

HELLO Anthro!

Next – we have the frocks.  Look how fantastic these are!  How perfect would they be with my long, whispy locks (to be ;-))?  I’m a huge fan of the “Time to Shine” outfit featured on the website.  While you’re there, peruse the May ‘zine yourself!  You’ll like.

Happy Friday lover birds.



2 thoughts on “It’s Official

  1. I love big & long curly hair. I support it. :)

    Note to self: learn to braid long curly hair for bad hair days.

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