Flower Child

Bonjour :-)  Press on the picture & Watch me stop & smell the roses ranculuses.  Wasn’t the color perfect!?  That headband is from Target.  Go getchuuuu’ one, girl.  And this little trick is one of many I picked up from dazzling duo behind BLOGSHOP, Bri Emery and Angela Kohler :

Please be sure to CLICK!!  It’s a link to Bri’s post on DESIGN LOVE FEST & Angela’s video.  Much more to recap about my weekend LA, but in the meantime . . . I want to share some more fun notes on scents ;-)  These posts are about to get legit. . . so get ready!  Huge lapses in time & bad layouts: SPOOK!  Get on outta herr’yaaaa (< that would be a family & close friend reference.)

Happy Thursday Morning,



2 thoughts on “Flower Child

  1. You look beautiful! The color combinations are beautiful, you know I am a coral fan, is that a Mommabird influence maybe…..? Love you baby girl!

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