“There are easier ways, but artists rarely choose them.” – Anna Johnson

A while ago, in a far away land of sweet tea and oak trees, I made the unconventional decision to move all the way to Denver with no set plan. I’m talking zero contacts. . . aka zero guarantees.  It was a choice that defied every ambitious bone in my body.  One that opened the door to uncertainty and invited a house full of loud, impatient guests in.

My free time is certainly FREE, as the piggy bank dwindles while I receive the mixed messages from potential employers: no, maybe, not now, ok, come back later, and now we changed our mind – yes.  When you finally get the answer you’re looking for it just so happens that you’re preoccupied buttering toast in a man’s collared shirt.  Working in a steamy kitchen of the bustling local breakfast joint is exactly what it sounds like – tiring.  This is when you start thinking, “Can’t somebody just realize that I’m fabulous – at my convenience – and use my time accordingly!?” ;-)

Such frustration necessitates a little pick me up here and there.  One of mine is the colorfully illustrated book “Savvy Chic: The Art of More for Less” by Anna Johnson.  Reading her tid-bits on living modestly with fun and flair remind me of that girl I was with allowance and flashy spring break vacations, yet gives me a new perspective – I can show “her” up, on a dime!

Read Savvy Chic!

As we come into the Spring season, I wanted to share a note of hers on fashion, “I buy one dress with a strong graphic print in a monochrome palette, and I wear it with a bright red, lemon yellow, or green shoe.  No other accessories (spare a neutral bag).  If you wear an eye popping dress it, it conveys a high level of social and professional confidence.”

My spoonful for the season would taste like this:  a Unas 4 Tunic by Marimekko!  There it is, top left corner ^ !!!

In summary, I’d like to admit that change is hard.  My move out west has stumped, challenged, and certainly got the best of me from time to time; but it has also given me a view of the rockies that I can’t resist.  And a surplus of Vitamin D!  I’m letting the serendipitous moments in – embarking on a chic, new career path (this Thursday!), meeting wonderful people, and just simply taking it one day at a time.  So keep the faith when things aren’t working out the way you’d like them to.

With a bit of positive energy and a pocket full of ingenuity, the puzzle pieces are bound to start fitting together.  “There are easier ways, but artists rarely choose them.”


5 thoughts on ““There are easier ways, but artists rarely choose them.” – Anna Johnson

  1. Very poignant! I know it has been a challenging journey, but I am so happy you landed your new job….it is so suited to your strengths and skill set. Things are looking up “shitbird”. Love you. Mom

  2. Lauren- your whole life awaits you … When u are ready :) you realized life was spinning perhaps out of your control… The slower pace is precious :) cherish every minute! You will be all grown up way too fast! I envy your courage to do it differently… And yes, sometimes harder lol!

    PS) absorb those mountain views for me oxox- Stephanie

  3. You got style, girl, and I’m glad you’re sharing! I’m also pleased that this blog is taking a personal turn and including life events of Miss Lauren Matilda. I look forward to future posts! Love you. Keep pursuing your dreams <3

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